Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program

Undergraduate Programs

Engineers are innovative critical thinkers and creators. They apply mathematic and scientific principles to solve technological problems and improve society's quality of life. Engineers work in all aspects of human development, and the University of Missouri-St. Louis offers a Bachelor of Science in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

A bachelor's degree in engineering is one of few degrees that also count as a professional degree. Students earning the bachelor's in one of the engineering disciplines are well qualified for entry-level positions in various businesses, consulting firms, government agencies and industries. Society's dependence on technology grows every day, and thus ensures that engineering occupations will never die. In fact, estimates by the U.S. Department of Labor call for an 11% increase in the number of engineering jobs over the next decade.

Students will be well prepared for these jobs. UMSL works closely with Washington University in St. Louis to provide an optimal learning environment - drawing on the finest resources in the area. Students will learn from Washington University faculty, take upper-level courses at Washington University and work in their cutting-edge laboratories. The professors work daily in engineering research or advanced engineering practice and are eager to share their experience and knowledge with students.

Many publications consider engineering among the best career choices in the 21st century. The engineering education can be supplemented by a co-op occupation, which UMSL will help find for you. Having a job in addition to studies helps you earn while you learn, and gives a leg up on the job search after completion of the degree. Upon graduation, the career centers at UMSL, as well as Washington University, will help with resume preparation and interviewing practice and provide invaluable networking connections with prospective employers.