Pierre Laclede Honors College

Undergraduate Programs

Students of all majors in the Pierre Laclede Honors College share a commitment to the University of Missouri-St. Louis' challenging, innovative honors curriculum, which is composed of general education courses, upper-level seminars, writing courses and research/internship opportunities. In the college, students and faculty work together, fostering an intellectual climate in which democracy, diversity, civility and excellence are fundamental values. The honors program offers small seminars that emphasize critical reading and open discussion. Students also pursue independent study, undergraduate research and internship opportunities as they develop skills and knowledge crucial for success in future graduate programs and careers.

The college recruits high-achieving candidates in coordination with a campus recruitment team. Students must apply to the honors college with a supplemental application form, two writing samples and two letters of recommendation. Additionally, students must be accepted to the university before being accepted to the honors college. Applicants are selected on the basis of an interview, ACT scores, GPA, class rank (if available), scores from the writing samples and letters of recommendation.