The M.A. degree in Mathematics emphasizes practical aspects of the field. Students may enroll in any of these graduate programs on a part-time basis.

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Entry Requirements

Applicants must meet the general graduate admission requirements of the Graduate School, described in the UMSL catalog. Students are considered for admission to the graduate program in Mathematics only after they have formally applied for admission through the Graduate School.  Applications may be completed on-line.  Additional Requirements are listed below.

Applicants must have at least a bachelor's degree in mathematics or in a field with significant mathematical content. Examples of such fields include computer science, economics, engineering and physics. An applicant's record should demonstrate superior achievement in undergraduate mathematics.

Students must also have completed mathematics courses equivalent to the following UMSL courses:

A student missing some of the above requirements may be admitted on restricted status if there is a strong supportive evidence in other areas. The student will have to take the missing courses, or demonstrate proficiency to the satisfaction of the Graduate Director. Special regulations of the Graduate School applying to students while they are on restricted status are described in the UMSL Bulletin.

Degree Program

Candidates for the M.A. degree must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate coursework (numbered 4000 or above). At least 15 hours must be in courses or seminars numbered 5000 or above. These courses constitute an area of expertice in either Pure or Applied Mathematics. Graduate students are expected to maintain a 3.0 average on a 4.0 scale. All courses numbered below 5000 must be completed with grades of at least B.

The courses taken must include those listed below in group (A), together with additional courses discussed in (B). Student who have already completed courses equivalent to those in (A) may substitute other courses numbered above 4000. All substitutions of courses for those listed in (A) require the prior approval of the Graduate Director.

A)   Mathematics 4100 Real Analysis I
  Mathematics 4160 Complex Analysis I
  Mathematics 4450 Linear Algebra


Master's candidates must also complete fifteen hours of coursework numbered above the 5000 level, chosen with the prior approval of their Graduate Advisor. Courses may be chosen to develop expertise in either pure or applied mathematics.

Part of this requirement may (but is not required to be) consist of an M.A. thesis written under the direction of a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. A student who wishes to write a thesis should enroll in 6 hours of Mathematics 6900, M.A. Thesis. Students writing a thesis must defend their thesis in an oral exam administered by a committee of three department members which includes the thesis director. Microfilming of the thesis by UMI is required.

All work for the Master's degree must be completed within 6 years after the first graduate course enrollment. The final two thirds of the courses must be completed in residence at UMSL. This restricts the number of transfer credits from other graduate programs to a maximum of 9 hours.

For further information about our Graduate Degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, financial aid, and the regulations of the Graduate School, see our page on advanced degrees.