College of Arts and Sciences

UMSL College of Arts & Sciences - Administrators and Staff


Contact Information

Dr. Ronald Yasbin, Dean

Dr. Teresa Thiel, Associate Dean

Dr. Deborah Baldini, Associate Dean for Continuing Education and Outreach

Elizabeth Eckelkamp, Associate Dean

Dr. Ruthann Perkins, Assistant to the Dean

Tanika Busch, Business/Fiscal Operations Specialist

Andrea Dunbar, Fiscal Assistant

Fern Mreen, Administrative Associate

Grace Derda, Student Services and Records Coordinator

Emily Byrne, Office Support Staff III

Sean Chism, Retention Coordinator

Linda Guetterman, Senior Academic Advisor

John Perez, Senior Academic Advisor

Sylvia Baker, Academic Advisor

Sarah Klekamp, Academic Advisor

Joe Southerland, Pre-Health Advisor

Michael Koertel, Academic Advisor

Lisa Baker, Academic Advisor

Ryan Krull, Student Support Specialist I

David McGraw, Student Mentor

Adnan Smajic, Student Mentor

Timothy Wombles, Media Producer I