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Certificate in Data Science

The undergraduate certificate in Data Science is a five-course (15 credit hour) program. It provides skills, both statistical and computational, and technologies for the growing and popular fields involving data science and analysis. A student pursuing this certificate can choose from one of two tracks, this computational track or the statistical track. Each track consists of three required courses (9 credit hours) and two additional elective courses (6 credit hours). A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for admission.

A minimum of three courses must be taken from UMSL. Courses may be substituted with the permission of the certificate coordinator. For more information, contact the department chair or email info@arch.umsl.edu.

Students must have the following courses, take them as prerequisites, or have related background or experience. Additional areas/courses may be needed depending on specific chosen electives.

Mathematics and Statistics: 1320
Computer Science: 1250,

Certificate Coordinators: Cezary Janikow (Computational Track)

This certificate can be complete Evenings UMSL-E-lowres.png.

Note that the certificate courses require either Cmp Sci 3130 or 4200. Cmp Sci 3130 is not a part of the certificate but it allows to enter the needed courses. If you do not have Cmp Sci 3130, you may still finish the certificate but you need to start with Cmp Sci 4200 and then take the other required courses in a specific order and you may request a permit to take the elective.