Criminology and Criminal Justice

Chair's List


Each year, faculty members nominate undergraduate students who have done outstanding work in one or more of their courses to the department's Chair's List. In addition to being nominated by a faculty member, the student must meet a cumulative grade-point average threshold for placement on the Chair's List. Each student receives a special letter of recognition from the Chair and the Dean of Arts and Sciences is notified of their accomplishment.

2012 Chair's List:

Raed Abuhamda
Kieran Flanery
Daniel Frey
Sheree Harris
Jennifer Hessell
Nicholas Kanteres
Lindsay Moser
Audra Phillips


2011 Chair's List:

Kyle Beck
Amelia Bevirt
Gwendolyn Chissem
Sarah Lipinski
Lindsey Mabry
Matthew Manley
James Lawrence McDonald
Jericah Selby
Jessica Toledano
Nickolas Woepke
Marvin Wright


2010 Chair's List:

Gabriel Cantoni
Colleen Cullen
Zachary Fritz
Danielle Kelly
Kathleen Kennedy
Lindsey Mabry
Mathew Manley
James Lawrence McDonald
Tori Pierce
Tiffany Prather
Erin Richey
Jericah Selby
Jessica Toledano
Dominique Williams


2009 Chair's List:

Shelia Anderson
Cheryl Benne
Rachel Bock
Joshua Boyd
Krystle Carroll
Jessica Cowan
Ashley Lytton
Abigail Melchior
Sanela Planic
Curtis Schneider
Matthew Shamburg
Jessica Toledano


2008 Chair's List:

Jared Armstrong
Jeffery Bogue
Krystle Carroll
Jessica Cowan
Kyle Cottner
Tyler Crews
Teagan Ellis
Seth Gregg
Candace Ozanic
Elizabeth Stout
Sarah Whittington