Registration at UMSL requires students to agree to the Financial Responsibility Statement once per year.  The Responsibility Agreement is valid for the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters.  Students should agree from either MyView or MyGateway, but not from both.

Students registering online in MyView are prompted at sign-on to agree to the Financial Responsibility Statement.  

Students not registering online in MyView should go to this page: in MyGateway to agree.  This page is located in MyGateway on the Students tab.  It is under the My Academic Toolbox section on the right side of the page, or just click the link above. 

The Responsibility Statement explains the billing methods, payment options and all policies related to student accounts.  Agreement acknowledges that the student has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions within the Responsibility Statement.  Please read the entire statement, check the ACCEPT box, and click the Save Response button.