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Setting Up an Authorized Payer

Additional Authorized Access
Set Up for MyView and TouchNet


Please set up Additional Authorized Access in both MyView and TouchNet

TouchNet access will be required for those people that will be making payments on your behalf.  MyView access will be required for those that you would like us to be able to speak to regarding your student account.


The University of Missouri-St. Louis provides notification of billing statements to currently enrolled students who have an account balance. This notification will only be delivered to your UMSL assigned email account. Electronic billing statements are available online at  Authorized users will receive the same billing statement e-mail reminders to their personal e-mail address.


 To grant Additional Authorized Access in MyView:

To remove access for an Authorized User in MyView:

To grant Additional Authorized Access in TouchNet:

If changes are required to those you have granted access to, go to the Authorized Users tab and choose the gear icon shown under Action.