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Allowing Popups from MyView

Pop-up blockers on internet browsers and internet browser toolbars can block some pages in MyView from opening up.

On the student center page in self-service, there are several links under the Finances section (shown below) that open into a new window when clicked. If you have a pop-up blocker that is not allowing pop-ups from MyView, these pages will not open for you.


Quick Tip: To temporarily allow a pop-up in many blockers simply press and hold the CTRL key and click the link again. Holding the CTRL key overrides most Pop-Up Blockers. You can hold the CTRL key when clicking the Refresh button in your browser too.

Click on the links below for help in allowing pop-ups from MyView on some of the most common pop-up blocking programs.

Internet Explorer



Google Chrome

Yahoo Toolbar

Google Toolbar

MSN Toolbar

AOL Toolbar

Netscape Toolbar