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MyView Help

Through the MyView student system, students can access real-time detailed account and billing information, manage direct deposit and eBill user profiles and make a payment through one convenient location in the Self Service Student Center. 

The students account summary and links to view and manage account information are displayed upon entering the Student Center, along with drill-down links to holds and to do lists.  

From ‘Account Inquiry’, students can search their account activity for specific transactions or filter their activity for a specific date or a range of dates.  Students can also view and filter all posted and pending payment activity.  

The Student Center provides these features and even more drill-down capability, filters and self-help as well as greater access to information to enable and enhance the educational experience.

Signing on to MyView 

Allowing pop-ups from MyView

Making a Payment in MyView 

Signing up for Direct Deposit

Choosing to allow Federal Aid to Pay All Fees in MyView 

Checking your refund status in MyView 

Printing a Paid Fees Letter in MyView

Viewing current account activity in MyView 

Viewing your Term Balances in MyView 

Viewing your Billing Statement 

Understanding your Billing Statement 

Granting Additional Authorized Access

Reprinting a receipt

Checking for a course fee on a course 

Swapping one course for another in MyView