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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is set up online through the MyView system. Follow these steps to set up or manage your direct deposit information:


Students are required to use two-factor authentication when setting up Direct Deposit.  You will be asked to choose the delivery method for your passcode. 


Once you have received the code and gained access, the Refund Direct Deposit Signup page will pop up asking for your routing number and account number.  Refer to the image below to determine how to locate these numbers on your personal check.  If you do not have personal checks, you may need to contact your bank or financial institution to retrieve your account and routing number.


After you enter your information, you are asked to authorize the University to make a deposit into the account being set up. If you agree, check the box beside the statement and click the Update my information button.


Direct deposit funds typically deposit into your banking account 3-5 business days from the refund line item date on your MyView account.  You will receive an e-mail from the University before your funds are deposited. 


For more information regarding Secure Authentication, please visit