Refunds of educational and mandatory fees may be given to:

  • Students who have passed away before completing the current academic semester.  There may be required adjustments to scholarships, grants or loans applied by the Office of Financial Aid.  Any refund will be made payable to the administrator or executor of the estate of the deceased student.  If, after all adjustments have been made, there still remains a debt, generally the University would not attempt to recover the debt from the estate of the deceased student.
  • Military reservists and State National Guard members who receive emergency orders to active duty after having enrolled at the University and paid fees.
  • Active duty military personnel who receive an emergency reassignment after having enrolled at the University and paid fees.
  • In extraordinary cases in which serious illness or injury prevent a student from continuing classes, and other arrangements with instructors are not possible, a withdrawal may be requested. The student must provide written documentation of an illness, accident, injury or situation that could not be influenced, planned for, or prevented by the student or the institution and which subsequently caused a change in the students enrollment.

  • Students called to Jury Duty prior to the completion of the semester.

The University reserves the right to cancel any program.  In the event of cancellation, students will be notified immediately, and all program fees will be refunded or applied to a future program at your request.