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Check Refund Status

Sign into MyView at and click the Self Service link from the menu bar on the left.

Next, click the Account Inquiry link (circled below) that is under the Campus Finances section.

check refund

Now, click the activity tab (circled below) that is at the top of the page.  The activity tab shows all of your charges, payments and refunds.  

If a refund is showing (as highlighted in the example below) students having direct deposit should allow 3-5 days processing time from the posted date shown to receive the funds in your bank account.  Students receiving refund checks by mail should allow 7-10 days processing and delivery time from the posted date shown to receive the refund check in the mail.

check refund

You can see your charges, payments and refunds for a particular term by selecting the term that you want to see (on the page above), and changing the From date to be on or before the date that you registered for that term. 

For more information on refunds, click here.