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What is ARBI?

ARBI is an acronym for Accounts Receivable Billing.  It is the Accounts Receivable program in the PeopleSoft software system.   The customer and the revenue deriving from that customer are the responsibility of the billing department; however, Accounting Services does perform a back-up accounting function.  Departments on campus use ARBI to create invoices and PeopleSoft will post the invoices to their financial statements and mail the invoices.  Accounting Services will monitor, age and reconcile the receivables and aid in the collection of the payments.  

When to use ARBI


ARBI is to be used when a unit of the University has the need to invoice outside individuals and entities.  ARBI is NOT to be used for student billing, inter-departmental or inter-campus billing.

Section 207 of the University of Missouri System Finance & Accounting Business Policy & Procedure Manual states:


Special permission must be granted from the Vice Chancellor of Managerial & Technological Services in order for a department not to use ARBI when creating an invoice.

Advantages of using ARBI



For more information about ARBI or for training, please contact Faith Lucas.