Credit Card Payments

Debit, but no credit at cashier's stations
Credit card rules say that service charges must be charged for all payment types for a given payment location.  Consequently, if we allowed credit card payments at the cashier's stations, we would also have to add the service charge to debit, check and cash transactions.  Therefore, we had to move all credit card payment processing to our online third-party processor at (http://ebill.umsl.edu).

Service fee for credit card payments 
The service fee for making a credit payment is 2.85% of the amount charged with a minimum of a $3.00 service fee.

While credit cards offer a convenient way for students and parents to make payments on a students account, the cost to the University for providing this convenience was approximately $2,000,000 annually.  The University decided years ago to require those who use this convenience to cover its cost.