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What is EC@UMSL?

EC@UMSL is the University of Missouri-St. Louis's Entrepreneur Club.This student organization brings together growing UMSL student entrepreneurs to innovation and entrepreneurship resources, connection with the regions successful entrepreneurs, exposure to St. Louis's entrepreneurship ecosystem, work through fun innovation exercises to promote creativity, and fellowship to form and improve an idea to a product or business. EC@UMSL provides a  welcoming environment for students who wish to learn how to achieve their business goals.This community will inform, support, and inspire students to be creative thinkers and seek opportunity through the creation of innovative ideas. The student organization’s services will be extended to the St. Louis community in an attempt to encourage networking and foster professional relationships throughout the city. EC@UMSL aims to connect students to the surrounding community so the city of St. Louis can see what University of Missouri–St. Louis students are capable to do.

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