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About Entrepreneurial Scholars and Interns Program (ESIP) 
Entrepreneurial Scholars & Interns Program (ESIP) is an application based programs that gives UM System students the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial knowledge and experience through entrepreneurship courses, start-up experience, mentorship and more. The program introduces students from different degree programs on each of the four UM System campuses to entrepreneurial principles and practices and creates a network of connections centered on entrepreneurship.  
Winners of this contest will receive 3 to 4 approved entrepreneurial-related courses and engage in a 10-week, paid summer internship. The University recognizes the extra effort students will need to invest to take entrepreneurship courses and enhance their educational preparation to become entrepreneurs therefore, the UM System will underwrite the cost of the extra tuition for students who are accepted into this program. In addition to a strong academic foundation in entrepreneurship this exclusive program also provides the students an opportunity to learn from a mentor or work within a startup company. 
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To learn more about the Entrepreneurial Scholars & Interns Program, visit the website or contact UMSL Accelerate