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Calendars and Campus Events


Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE)

Campus Communications (UMSL Daily)

Campus Housing

Campus Maps

Campus Mediation Services

Campus Police

Campus Recreation

Campus Shuttle

Campus Testing Center


Career Services

Cashier's Office

Catalog, Course (myView)


Catholic Newman Center

CBASE (College BASE Exam)

Center for

Behavioral Health
Business and Industrial Studies
Character and Citizenship
Community Innovation and Action
Eye Care
Excellence in Financial Counseling
Human Origin and Cultural Diversity
the Humanities
Teaching and Learning
Transportation Studies
Trauma Recovery

Chancellor’s Certificate Computer Classes (Computer Classes)

Chancellor's Cultural Diversity Council

Chancellor, Office of

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Child Development Center

Children's Advocacy Center

CLEP, College Level Examination Program

CMS Users (Content Management System)

Collaborative Vision, Des Lee

College of

Arts and Sciences
Business Administration

Collegiate Learning Assessment


Communication and Media, Department of

Communications (University Marketing and Communications)

Community Collaborations, Outreach and Engagement

Community Innovation and Action Center

Community Psychological Service

Computer Education & Training Center

Computer Education Center, West County

Computer Science, Department of Mathematics &

Computer Shop & University Bookstore (Triton Store)

Computing Labs (Instructional Support Services)

Conference Center Rentals (Event Services)

Conference Services (Office of Residential Life)

Construction, Planning and

Counseling Services

Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination

Course Catalog / Schedule of Courses

Course Descriptions (Registrars)

Courses of Instruction (Bulletin)

Creating Whole Communities 

Criminology and Criminal Justice, Department of

Culture Centers

Current Online (Student Newspaper)

Custodian of Records


Cybersecurity & Information Technology Innovation Lab (CITIL)